Time to replace the RO/DI parts

I have been having a recent battle with cyano and then I realized that I haven’t replace my membrane or DI cartridge in many years.  I cannot recall if it was 2008 or 2010 but either way, it have been too long.

When I tested the water coming out of my Kent Marine Hi-S unit about two months ago, my TDS meter was showing 003 ppm and just the other day, it is showing 054 ppm.  Even though it is not too high, I have a feeling that it might be contributing to my cyano problem.

There is good news and bad news but mostly good.  When looking for replacement parts I found that the prices for the Kent Marine membrane and filters went up a lot since the last time I bought them.  The good part is, I stumbled upon the Spectrapure website and found better replacement parts for almost half the price.  The other good news is, I am upgrading my membrane from a 60gpd unit to a 90gpd unit by replacing the flow restrictor for $5.00.

My parts should be here next Wednesday and after I have them running for a while, I will tell you how they are working out.


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